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Recently there to the name of the crown element mechanical agents in the market for interbank orders;
Hereby declare
To manufacture the company's products are not selling dealers and service agents

Crowning was established in 1979. We specialize in manufacture of high precision hydraulic servo straightening, straight aligning, aligning Machine. For years we continue our effort on the R&D of the equipment, improving work flow and innovating new technology. Straightening machine are designed and manufactured to be manual and semi-automatic to improve production efficiency and precision. It also make machine operation more ergonomic.

We also research, develop, and manufacture specialized machines such as: Grinding machine, Rounding machine, Slot milling machine, Centrifugal machine, Drilling machine, Rotary processing machine, Wear inspection machine, Screws, Linear peripheral equipment, Mechanical armature automatic feeding mechanism..etc. Which are all within the specialty of Crowning.

Crowning holds a ” honesty, trustworthy, quality, excellency, and positivity ” attitude towards serving all our customers. We use our expertise to produce higher quality and more competitive hydraulic servo straightening equipment . We produce better equipment to satisfy the needs of our customer, These are all missions our company insists on. We believe our machines have greatly help the productivity of the industry and increase economic efficiency by lowering machine cost in manufacturing and production. We aim to grow with our customers so to create a future of win win situations.


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